It’s Mueller time

It’s Mueller time

Important news for those of us betting on whether Trump will be impeached or serve a full term

CNN reported in the early hours of Saturday morning UK time,

A federal grand jury in Washington on Friday approved the first charges in the investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller, according to sources briefed on the matter.

The charges are still sealed under orders from a federal judge. Plans were prepared Friday for anyone charged to be taken into custody as soon as Monday, the sources said. It is unclear what the charges are. 

A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment.

The White House also had no comment, a senior administration official said Saturday morning.

I might be reading too much into this but I am surprised this story hasn’t had more coverage, but if we do see people taken into custody Donald Trump’s twitter account will be even more compelling for all the wrong reasons.

Whilst charges being brought shouldn’t mean an automaticity of guilt,¬†I’ve always viewed Trump as nearly as paranoid as Richard Nixon. I suspect Trump will do something spectacular to protect himself, not quite the Saturday Night Massacre but he might start pardoning people before the normal criminal routes have been completed, which might cause Trump even more problems.

My consistent view has been that even if the Democrats controlled The House and voted to impeach, I don’t think they’d have sufficient votes to convict Trump in The Senate, but this does make things very interesting.¬†Depending on who is charged I might be changing my betting position on Monday. Given the way Trump campaigned, you can almost hear a deafening crescendo of ‘Lock him up’ from his opponents once the person who is charged is named, as people wish to hoist Trump by his own petard.

Since Trump became President if feels like we’re all living in a giant constitutional law seminar, this will only reinforce that perception.


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