Betting on when Boris Johnson ceases to be Foreign Secretary

Betting on when Boris Johnson ceases to be Foreign Secretary

Why I think Boris is about to F Off from the F. Off.

Paddy Power have a market up on when Boris Johnson ceases to be Foreign Secretary, judging by the tweets atop this piece, and my own hunch, I think Boris is itching to leave the cabinet.

Whether he’s not keen on Mrs May’s approach to Brexit, wants to be Mrs May’s successor, or sees the tempest long foretold of a bad/WTO Brexit and wants nothing to do with it. If Brexit does turn into the long term disaster that Remain predicted then I suspect the architects of Leave will be seen in the same light as the appeasers of 1930s. If Boris is on the backbenches he can argue he wasn’t able  to deliver his version of a successful Brexit.

He might also be looking enviously at his contemporaries David Cameron and George Osborne earning, inter alia, £650,000 per year for working one day a week, and fancy earning that. Although he might not be able to command that level of salary given that he was really a glorified council leader, and so far a not very successful Foreign Secretary whereas as Cameron and Osborne were successful job creating, deficit reducing First and Second Lords of the Treasury.

So if you think Boris is about to quit, you’d be better off backing the 6/1 Ladbrokes are offering on Boris as next out the cabinet, but if you think he’s in for the long haul the 4/1 on 2019 looks interesting, 2019 which is the date many expect Mrs May to stand down. I think his intervention in his newspaper article on day of a terrorist attack on London will look like the crassest of mistakes, the early polling seems to be pointing that way.


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