Understanding the minds of punters

Understanding the minds of punters

YouGov have published some fascinating insights into punters, YouGov say

YouGov Profiles data allows us to explore the mindset of those who gamble at least once a week with a bookmaker – either online or in shop. The data shows that while there are some clear distinctions between more traditional in-store bettors and those who gamble digitally, there are also a number of shared characteristics. 

As one would imagine those that use a traditional instore bookmaker are likely to be older (55+), while those that use apps or websites to bet are most likely to fall into the 25-39 age bracket. In both instances men are the primary audience.

While they are notably more likely than the population at large to think of themselves as “mathematical” (29% vs 19%), they are less likely than the average to cite “emotional intelligence” as a strength (23% vs 32%). Furthermore, they can be more closed with their emotions, with almost six in ten (58%) saying they like to keep their feelings to themselves compared to just over half (51%) of the population at large.

YouGov Profiles data confirms their love of sport. Over half (54%) of regular gamblers label themselves as being ‘sports mad’, compared to just one in six (17%) of the general public. A further 30% of those who bet at least once a week follow sports closely (as against 19% of the population as a whole). 

In odds we trust

YouGov’s data suggests that regular gamblers are a trusting group. Not only are they more likely than the public at large to trust newspapers to print the truth (36% vs 26%), but they are also far more likely than the population as a whole to trust the advertising they see on posters or billboards (46% vs 32%).

Many regular gamblers take a different view to work than the general public. They are more likely to say that money is their main motivation for working in their particular career (27% vs 18%) and they are also more likely to wish they didn’t have to go to work each day (65% vs 54%). When it comes to money, they don’t mind taking risks (38% vs 20%) and are also more inclined to look for profitable ways to invest their cash (53% vs 45%).

The entertainment habits of those who bet at least once a week betray their love of sports and hint to bookmakers that they are the ripest audience for in-play gambling. Compared to people in general, they prefer to watch television programmes live (55% vs 42%) and they are also more likely to enjoy going to the pub (78% vs 61%).

Appealing to regular bettors in such a competitive field is tough and there is pressure for bookmakers to differentiate themselves from their rivals. The data shows that television is a good place to advertise to frequent gamblers, with over a quarter (26%) of this group say they often enjoy watching the adverts on TV (compared to 18% of the public). Naturally in this area, respective age and online usage plays a huge part in how ads are targeted.

Some of this seems very true from my own vantage point as someone who gambles a lot, I like the mathematics of it all, and I’m sports mad, although if Liverpool performance against Manchester City last weekend is a harbinger, then I  might be going off football, and focusing on cricket, rugby union, and motorsports, though I’m not much of a pubgoer.


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