The key battlegrounds for next time – whenever that is

The key battlegrounds for next time – whenever that is

The above charts are taken from an excellent new paper just published by the Commons Library and is available to download. This will certainly be a key resource for punters at the next election.

They show the most marginal seats for the three main parties at Westminster. In the case of the SNP all seats are listed.

We all know that there were many very tight results on June 8th and the number of seats that were held or changed hands with margins below 100 is quite extraordinary.

For me the most striking list is that of the SNP held seats the biggest majority was relatively small. With more pro-union tactical voting Sturgeon’s party could be whittled down even more at a new election.

It is interesting on the CON list that only two of its 12 Scottish gains from the SNP was by a tight enough margin to feature which suggests that they might continue to be blue.

The LAB list puts some of the party’s and surprise and extraordinary gains into context. Very few were predicting any gains at all for Corbyn’s party which at one point had been 23% down in the polls.

Mike Smithson

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