Today Corbyn’s Labour lead the ABC1s by 12%

Today Corbyn’s Labour lead the ABC1s by 12%

Corbyn’s Labour now have a 12% lead with the upper and middle classes, let that sink in.

I think whilst this might be an outlier it is probably a result of Mrs May and her close advisers decision to abdicate from focusing much/any time on the economy during the general election campaign lest Philip Hammond had a good campaign and made it impossible for Mrs May to sack Philip Hammond on June 9th.

The Tories must hope whomever succeeds Mrs May won’t make such a stupid and petty decision like that at the next general election, I suspect once the upper and middle classes realise what Corbyn and McDonnell’s economic and tax policies are, they’ll flee back to the Tories, even in 1997 (and on June 8th this year) the Tories won the ABC1s quite comfortably.


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