If there was a spread-betting market on how many months Toxic Theresa could carry on I’d be a buyer

If there was a spread-betting market on how many months Toxic Theresa could carry on I’d be a buyer

There’ll always be a reason why now’s not the time for her to go

For a party that has a reputation for knifing failed leaders the Tories have been pretty pathetic so far with Theresa May.

The deal with the DUP makes her position securer and there is always going to be a reason why deposing the woman that got the party into this mess should remain.

Provided there are no defections or by-election losses her parliamentary position should hold and you can see her hanging on all the way till June 2022.

I really wish that one of the spread betting firms opens a market on how many complete months Toxic Theresa will remain at Number 10.

This used to be a popular form of political spread bet whenever question marks hung over a leader’s future. I remember doing well with such a bet on Bill Clinton’s survival when impeachment proceedings were brought in the late 90s.

Obviously it will depend on the opening buy and sell levels but I’d probably be a buyer. Toxic Theresa might be a proven election failure but there appears to be little stomach in the party for getting rid of her.

    She reminds me very much of that failed Labour leader Gordon Brown. He should have got the boot with the abandonment of the October 2007 General Election. As it was he struggled on with terrible ratings and in the end he lost a huge amount of credibility..

The LAB party rules make deposing of a leader much harder and Brown always managed to find reasons why there should be no action now.

The big difference between Gordon Brown and Theresa May is that the latter has a proven record of being an appalling campaigner and for making disastrous election decisions. With Gordon we always thought that that was the case but there was never anything specific we could point to.

In the meantime come on the spread betting firms and make an interesting Theresa May survival market available.

Mike Smithson

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