CON majority still an 80% betting chance

CON majority still an 80% betting chance

TMay has done herself good tonight

So that was the big set-piece of the campaign and I thought it was good programme well put together with a really excellent audience. TMay found herself having to answer direct question for just about the first time and looked the better for it. Platitudes weren’t going to work in this context.

Corbyn faced tough questioning as well and there’s no doubt that his position on defence issues is a big negative. What’s the point of have a nuclear deterrent if it is known that the man/woman at the help won’t press button.

Where are we? My guess is that the LAB surge and the CON move downwards has come to an end. The question is will thing stay like this through to polling day on Thursday.

The intriguing thing continues to be the way the polls diverge so much. I can’t make a call except I’m sticking with my 393 CON seats sell spread bet.

Mike Smithson

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