GE2017 looks such a certainty that it could end up like GE2001 – boring with a low turnout

GE2017 looks such a certainty that it could end up like GE2001 – boring with a low turnout

Many of the Labour MPs who will be voting for a general election this afternoon will be doing so in the pretty certain knowledge that they are ending their political careers earlier than planned.

Turkeys will indeed be voting for Christmas and I just wonder how many will not participate in this afternoon’s vote.

The numbers for the party are just calling and it is very hard seeing how there can be any change over the next seven weeks that. But one thing we’ve learnt over the last couple of years is not to rule anything out.

    Another group of MPs who will be voting for the election motion with a heavy heart are those CON ones who are subject to the ongoing expenses investigation from the last general election.

With that hanging over them there are questions over how they can put themselves forward as candidates for June 8th but we cannot rule anything out. The CPS should be reporting before polling day.

The Lib Dems are going into the election positively with the hope that their specific strong anti Brexit stance will make them distinctive and attracts voters. We do know from the Conservative Party private polling of CON seats won last time from the Lib Dems that many of those could be won back by the yellows

The LD-LAB Battle ground is one that looks interesting. Quite a number of seats were lost in the post coalition election and the yellows might be able to snatch some back. Could we see Simon Hughes back

The party goes into the election with the highest number of members for decades, a lot of fired up activists, after a good winning streak in local by elections.

After today’s vote in the Commons expect quite a lot of interesting and new betting markets to be put up.

UKIP looks set to struggle but who knows – this might be the General Election when Nigel Farage becomes an MP.

Mike Smithson

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