Les Republicans. You’ve lost that lovin’ Fillon?

Les Republicans. You’ve lost that lovin’ Fillon?

Why I’m laying François Fillon and expect the betting to be all shook Juppé very shortly

This was a curious speech by François Fillon, it felt like a politician going through the motions, and those tweets above seem to confirm it, though it would break a few irony meters if Fillon quit the race for alleged financial impropriety and was replaced as Les Republicans candidate by someone with a conviction for misuse of public funds.

I’ve been laying Fillon for a few days and been backing both Juppé and François Baroin, the latter who was over 500 on Betfair, and I still think is value at 44s.

But we saw in America, a candidate that most of the establishment was recoiling from still win the Presidency, albeit not the popular vote, which you’d almost certainly have to do win the final stage of the French Presidency, but from my betting perspective, Fillon is toast.


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