Why Corbyn and his fans should be hoping Trump wins the White House race

Why Corbyn and his fans should be hoping Trump wins the White House race

If Trump can win the Presidency then Corbyn can become Prime Minister for the same reasons

With the White House race observers on both sides of the Atlantic have tried to draw similarities to politics in the United Kingdom, namely Trump is analogous to Brexit, but perhaps the better analogy is Donald Trump is more akin to Jeremy Corbyn.

At first glance the roisterer that is Donald Trump seems like the antithesis of Jeremy Corbyn but there are a lot of similarities, the ones that stand out are

  1. Both are the political outsider who came from nowhere to win his party’s nomination/leadership over more experienced and electable contenders.
  2. Both won the nomination/leadership despite the polling saying they were un-electable
  3. The commentariat have almost universally written off both candidates as electoral liabilities
  4. Both have energised voters who previously don’t vote who revere their man with a fervour usually reserved for the Messiah, they have faith in their man when the rest of the world mocks them.
  5. The party establishment have run away from them the way you run away from an ex with an STD

We’re seeing from Brexit to the possibility of a President Le Pen, across the world the old political orthodoxies are being torn asunder by a demos who are greatly unsatisfied with the political status quo that globalism seems to bring.

Politically Trump and Corbyn have nothing in common, but they have both tapped into a zeitgeist across the world, were Trump to win on Tuesday it should give comfort and succour to Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters, if Trump can win the White House Race then so can Corbyn, especially if Mrs May’s Brexit deal turns to be sub-optimal for the United Kingdom.


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