Another EU referendum before 2020 betting

Another EU referendum before 2020 betting


If you fancy a 25% return in a little over 3 years, this might be the market for you.

SkyBet have a market up on whether we’ll have another EU referendum before 2020, unlike a few other bookies, SkyBet are offering No as an option. ¬†One of the reasons why supporters of Remain should avoid a second referendum is that the public will not take kindly to having their verdict overturned, and we could see a Winchester 1997 rerun type result in another referendum.

I also think Mrs May will not countenance a second referendum, especially with the sheer number of Leavers within the Parliamentary Tory Party, and with her only having a majority of 12, a second referendum would also appear illogical with the great EU repeal bill that was announced last night. Though the wording of the bet does allow for a referendum on the Brexit deal, I just cannot see it happening, there’s no turning back from Brexit.


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