Going to war with Sir Richard Branson might not necessarily develop to Corbyn’s advantage

Going to war with Sir Richard Branson might not necessarily develop to Corbyn’s advantage

Corbyn needs better strategists advising him, the current bunch aren’t very good on current evidence.

The Sunday Mirror have an article up by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell.

Labour is calling for Richard Branson to be stripped of his knighthood following his bid to humiliate Jeremy Corbyn over Traingate.

Writing exclusively in the Sunday Mirror, Shadow Chancellor John ­McDonnell slams the Virgin billionaire as a “tax exile who thinks he can try and intervene and ­undermine our democracy”.

He brands fatcats who avoid paying full UK tax as “freeloaders” who are shirking their “public duty” – also singling out shamed rag trade tycoon Sir Philip Green .

And calling for a radical overhaul of the honours system, he adds: “Run off to tax exile if you want. But you leave your titles and your honours behind when you go.”

All this does is bring back the issue of Traingate after it had ceased to be much of a political issue after the initial heat and light, Labour seem to be ignoring the poll that showed more people believed Virgin Trains/Richard Branson’s story than believed Corbyn.  It appears vindictive from Corbyn, the Labour MP Jamie Reed called Corbyn’s approach ‘Nixonian’ which is how I think the public will see it.

As brilliant ideas go, this may well rival the Empire of Japan’s decision to keep the United States of America out of World War Two by attacking the American Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbour. Back in January, YouGov found that Sir Richard Branson was the UK’s fifth most admired man, seven places ahead of Jeremy Corbyn.

This week stories such as the parlous financial position of the NHS and the widening Tory splits over Brexit emerged, Labour should be focusing on those not this, those topics will have more salience with the voters than traingate.

If Corbyn and his team are going after companies and people who embarrass him then train model company Hornby will be next on their list after they tweeted this.



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