The gloves come off in the Tory race

The gloves come off in the Tory race

This is by a fellow CON MP

The article is by Ben Wallace, MP for Wyre and Preston North. He writes:-

“..From the minute Michael Gove came on board with Boris’s leadership campaign, things started to go wrong. There was a leak a day in the press, starting with the camera crews at Boris’s house in Oxfordshire on the first day and ending with the infamous email from Sarah Vine, Michael’s wife, “accidentally” finding its way to the papers.

For me this wasn’t new. When I was a government whip and Michael was the chief whip, the office leaked like a sieve. Important policy and personnel details made their way to the papers. Michael seems to have an emotional need to gossip, particularly when drink is taken, as it all too often seemed to be..”

Mike Smithson

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