The betting on when will Article 50 be triggered, if ever?

The betting on when will Article 50 be triggered, if ever?



Pictures: First picture odds from Stan James, second picture, odds from SkyBet

There’s a couple of markets up on when Article 50 will be triggered, if you’re lucky to have a Stan James account, I wonder backing the any other outcome other option. It is effectively a bet on Article 50 being triggered in 2018 or later, not at all.

Now 2018 might sound far away, but we’re less than 18 months away from 2018, and given the gravity of the issues involved, I can understand why David Cameron’s replacement will want to take their time before triggering Article 50, so they can work out how to implement Brexit.

Many prominent Leavers are advocating the EEA/EFTA option which may include Freedom of Movement, which might be hard to reconcile with the heavy focus on immigration during the referendum campaign, time might be needed to soften up the voters who were expecting an end to mass immigration and free movement of people.

Of course this bet is assuming Theresa May becomes our next Prime Minister, Andrea Leadsom said this morning were she to become Prime  Minister she would trigger Article 50 as soon as she becomes Prime Minister, but were I to have a Stan James account, I’d be backing the any other option.


Update – Alastair Meeks has alerted me to the fact that there’s a couple of Betfair markets up on this as well. See here and here

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