The voters’ misconceptions could win this for Leave

The voters’ misconceptions could win this for Leave

This could help Leave win

This one of my favourite bits of regular polling. Ipsos Mori have compared the perceptions of the voters to the reality.  As we can see the voters’ think there’s more EU citizens here than there actually are. This might explain why Leave are focussing so heavily on immigration in the final few weeks.

On Child Benefit to EU citizens

However only 23% think Leave will win, only 46% of those planning to vote Leave think Leave will win

The full Ipsos Mori tables and charts are available here, the above are the selected highlights, the polling also covers the following ‘On the other hand, we’re generally pretty good at spotting more ridiculous “Euro-myths”, but still 1 in 7 of us (15%) believe at least one Euro-myth – including bans on barmaids showing too much cleavage and forcibly renaming the snack “Bombay Mix” to “Mumbai Mix” (neither of which are real EU laws)’


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