Guest Slot: A Look at the Remain Campaign.

Guest Slot: A Look at the Remain Campaign.


David Kendrick looks at the Remain campagin

The Remain approach has been strikingly one-paced. It has been relentlessly and exclusively negative. There has been nothing about how good the EU is, nor how it will become better. We have heard no ‘In 5 years time, the EU will…..We don’t want to get off this Euro-express.’ There is no mention of the direction of travel of the EU, and why that direction is good for Britain. There is not even the pretence of enthusiasm for the EU.

Their entire campaign could be summarised: “Vote Remain. Your family’s least worst option”

This is not why Brexit is likely to lose. It would lose because it is matched up against the most polished politician of the age, who has enlisted the support of his party, his government and the civil service. And Remain has the tacit support of the BBC, which is the more powerful because it affects neutrality. It is a reflection of the distaste for the EU that Leave is ‘still in the game’ after such a one-sided contest.

But because there has been no attempt by the Remain team to win hearts-and-minds, Brexit will be kept alive. If the EU became more unpopular, it will be easy for Leavers to claim that the EU is no longer ‘the least worst choice’. Remain would struggle to win the same argument a second time.

David Kendrick

David Kendrick is a long standing contributor to PB

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