Whittingdale: Will he survive or not survive?

Whittingdale: Will he survive or not survive?


How would you bet?

No doubt we will be getting betting markets in the next day or so on whether the culture secretary is going to remain in his job following the revelations that have just come out.

Labour has, predictably, gone on the offensive saying that he cannot carry out his role because of what has happened. Number 10 is for the moment staying by their man.

Cameron has a reputation for not wanting to be pushed and you can look back at instances like with the Jeremy Hunt, when he was in the same culture secretary role four years ago, looking dead and buried but hung on and continues to play a big part in government now as health Secretary.

Clearly with the May 5th elections and the referendum looming this has come at an unfortunate time for the government my guess is that Cameron will try to stick by his initial position and hope the issue falls away.

Whittingdale’s position is further complicated by the fact that he is one of the cabinet ministers who is on the LEAVE side in the referendum debate.

It will be interesting to see the odds that the bookmakers are likely to offer.

It used to be that the major political bookmakers had ongoing markets on which cabinet minister would be next to leave. I cannot see one at the moment

Mike Smithson

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