Clinton and Trump dominate in the build up to “Super Tuesday” when 12 states decide

Clinton and Trump dominate in the build up to “Super Tuesday” when 12 states decide

HRC+DT nomination

It is hard to argue that this won’t be the November line-up

The dramatic developments over the past week in the EU referendum have somewhat sidelined what has been the most crucial week so far in the WH2016 battles for the Democratic and Republican party nominations.

In the betting both Hillary and Trump have seen their odds tighten sharply following the latest state contests. Last Saturday Clinton squeezed a victory over Bernie Sanders in the Nevada caucuses while Trump had another hugely emphatic win in South Carolina.

On Tuesday it was the GOP caucuses in Nevada with Trump winning by a huge margin over Rubio.  Overnight we had the latest Republican debate and although Rubio went hard against the front runner Trump defended himself well.

Tomorrow the Democratic primary takes place in South Carolina where Clinton has been chalking up huge polling leads over Sanders even though the 74 year old socialist from Vermont has been outspending her. This is natural Clinton territory and nobody is expecting other than a big Hillary win.

This all sets up the Clinton and Trump campaigns well for “Super Tuesday” when 12 states and one territory decide.












Alaska (GOP caucuses)

Sanders should take his home state of Vermont and is doing well in Massachusetts but is not expected to make serious inroads elsewhere. If this goes according to the polls Clinton could win ten of them of them and her position would start to look unassailable.

Trump is dominating almost across the board except in Texas, Cruz’s home state.

Mike Smithson

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