Now the talk is of a Donald Trump Sarah Palin ticket

Now the talk is of a Donald Trump Sarah Palin ticket


You can get her at 5/1 as GOP V-P nominee

With only 11 days to go before the Iowa caucuses the former Governor of Alaska and 2008 VP candidate, Sarah Palin, flew into the state last night and endorsed Donald Trump for the Presidency.

This is the first state to decide and where the property billionaire turned TV star, Donald Trump, is competing now in second place in most polls. In the betting Ted Cruz remains the favourite to win a week on Monday.

Inevitably the move has sparked off speculation that she’d be the Donald’s V-P choice and you can get her at 5/1 on Betfair.

Whatever this dramatic move keeps the Trump campaign right at the top of the news agenda. We’ll have to wait to see how the ultra conservative voters in this very religious state react.

So far there had been little response on the main GOP nomination betting markets where Trump is favourite.

With all things Iowa I’ve learnt that it is always best to wait until the final DMR Register poll that is likely a week on Saturday. This has a superb record of picking up late movements amongst that very small group of Iowans – those who actually participate in the caucus process.

To recall people make their choice for the nomination by attending 1600 precinct meetings across the state. This is not a normal election and Iowa has thrown many surprises in the past.

Mike Smithson

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