Farage’s ratings tumble could impact on who runs the LEAVE campaign

Farage’s ratings tumble could impact on who runs the LEAVE campaign


Could he be a liability to the BREXIT effort not an asset

While all the focus of late had been on Corbyn’s LAB another big political decision which could have huge consequences is so far unresolved. Who is going to lead and be the public voice of the LEAVE campaign?

At the moment this is far from clear and we still have two bodies VOTE LEAVE and LEAVE.EU which are competing to be designated by the Electoral Commissioner as the official voice of those wanting Britain out.

What’s intriguing is that UKIP’s leading figures, Nigel Farage and the party’s only MP, Douglas Carswell, appear to be in different camps. The former is closely associated with LEAVE.EU where leading UKIP donor and Farage supporter, Aaron Banks, is the driving force.

Over the past two days we’ve had the extraordinary story of the alleged assassination attempt on Farage which has led to to all sorts of claims and counter claims being made.

Those opposed to Farage being the official voice of leave will be encouraged by the newly released YouGov well/badly ratings on Farage showing a sharpish move against.

But Farage can’t be written out of the script so easily. In May 2014 he led his party to a significant victory in the UK section of the EU parliament elections securing most votes and MEPs.

Last May Farage might have failed to become an MP himself but UKIP did finish third in terms of votes. Only the first past the post electoral system failed to recognise this in terms of seats. He and his party remain a significant force.

Even if UKIP’s favoured campaign vehicle doesn’t win the Electoral Commissioner backing it is hard to see how Farage can be reduced to a diminished role. He is the big figure in the effort to leave the EU.

Mike Smithson

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