Just like in the 80s a Benn is causing headaches for the Labour leader

Just like in the 80s a Benn is causing headaches for the Labour leader

Several of Sunday’s papers have stories about Jeremy Corbyn’s planned ‘revenge’ reshuffle, The Sunday Telegraph report,

Jeremy Corbyn is lining up Emily Thornberry as his new foreign secretary to replace Hilary Benn, in a reshuffle of his shadow cabinet expected next week, the Sunday Telegraph understands.

The Labour leader is planning to appoint Ms Thornberry, the former shadow attorney general, in place of Mr Benn who openly defied him and backed plans to bomb ISIL targets in Syria according to friends of Mr Corbyn.

Mr Benn is expected to be offered another job in the shadow cabinet although it is not clear if he will accept an alternative position.

If the anti-Corbyn wing of the Parliamentary Labour Party want an opportunity to try and defenestrate Corbyn, this might be it, especially if Hilary Benn and Angela Eagle resign rather than be demoted to lesser Shadow Cabinet roles.

So far under Corbyn’s leadership the PLP has shown displeasure at what Corbyn has done by usually briefing journalists, but doing nothing to actually topple him.

If the PLP don’t respond to this latest provocation by Jeremy Corbyn, then it will be further proof that Corbyn will remain Leader until the general election as the PLP are as impotent as a eunuch. Additionally the logic behind Corbyn wanting his top team to speak with one voice on foreign and defence issues is impeccable, and actually shows real political nous by Corbyn. Corbyn’s opponents inside and outwith the Labour Party should take note and not underestimate him.


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