Hillary Clinton’s good week gets even better

Hillary Clinton’s good week gets even better

It has been an amazing 7 days for the Hillary Clinton campaign to be the next President of the United States.

Firstly there was the reaction to the initial Democratic candidates live TV debate. The general view was that she had been the winner and this had been backed up by the polling. This had an immediate impact on her betting price

Then there was Wednesday’s announcement by vice president Joe Biden that he would not be putting his hat into the ring.

Finally there was yesterday’s marathon hearing before the Senate investigation committee which has been looking at her handling of the Benghazi incident when she was Secretary of State. It will be recalled that four American diplomats died.

There have been widespread accusations that the only reason the Republican dominated Senate has been pursuing this investigation has been to undermine Clinton’s chances.

The general view of the American media is that Hillary did well yesterday which makes it come up as suggested, even more likely that she will win the party’s nomination.

Now the focus in the White House Race will be who will get the nomination for the Republicans. We are 100 days from the Iowa caucuses

Mike Smithson

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