The buzzword bingo on Cameron’s conference speech

The buzzword bingo on Cameron’s conference speech

Ladbrokes have a market up on “Which exact words or phrases will Cameron use in his Conference speech?” The normal caveat on this type of betting market needs to reiterated. These sorts of markets usually act as a bookmaker’s bonus found.

However I do like the “You Can’t Trust Labour” at 5/1 as it would fit in with the pattern that the Conservatives are currently engaging in. As Matthew d’Ancona has noted “Corbyn isn’t the target. The Tories hope to destroy Labour for good.”

We saw the during the last parliament and the general election campaign the Conservatives engaging in ruthless adherence to message discipline (which is why “Long Term Economic Plan” is 1/5 in this betting market) I expect that discipline to continue into this parliament.

So via political osmosis the Conservatives hope to contaminate the Labour brand with the public’s early perceptions of Jeremy Corbyn so the damage to Labour will still be there long after Mr Corbyn has departed.

You can access the Ladbrokes market by clicking here.


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