This should take the pressure off Mr Corbyn

This should take the pressure off Mr Corbyn

Just when you thought politics couldn’t get any weirder.

I thought writing “Jeremy Corbyn has been elected Labour leader” would be the weirdest/unlikeliest PB thread I would write this summer. I was wrong, very wrong as this thread features things you’d expect to read in a Tom Knox novel.

Had this biography come out during the election campaign I suspect it might been a ‘game changer’ but now that Dave has confirmed his plans to stand down they maybe less damaging, unless the photographs alluded to in the story emerge (if they exist.) But for the next few days this will be the only story that will dominate British politics. Some will view think it’s a sin what Cameron did whilst at the other spectrum people will think we’ve all done stupid things when young and every body else somewhere in between.

It may backfire on Lord Ashcroft as some may see this as revenge for not being offered the job Cameron promised him. Hell hath no fury like a donor scorned.

I suspect that these sorts of stories will damage the leadership prospects of Cameron’s contemporaries at Oxford Boris Johnson and George Osborne as they will be perceived as guilty by association and pre-held preceptions as any former public schoolboy will attest to. This might benefit the likes of non Oxbridge types like University of Exeter alumnus Sajid Javid, modesty prevents me from naming the PBer who tipped him in September 2014 at 50/1 as the next Prime Minister after Dave.


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