To kneel or not to kneel that is the question

To kneel or not to kneel that is the question

The story above in the Sunday Telegraph follows on from Corbyn’s failure to sing the national anthem at the Battle of Britain 75th anniversary memorial earlier on this week could present further problems for Mr Corbyn. Why this story might carry some potency is that Kevan Jones, one of Corbyn’s own shadow ministers has gone on the record so it can’t be dismissed as Tory/media smears/hype. Jones said

“This slur on the Queen will be highly offensive to members of our Armed Forces and many ordinary Labour voters. I am sure these are not the views of Jeremy Corbyn but it is time he distanced himself from some of the more extreme elements of the anti-war coalition.”

All of this leads on to an intriguing market by William Hill about whether Corbyn will kneel or not kneel before the Queen during his Privy Council ceremony. Part me of says he will not want to make it a hat-trick of perceived insults towards Her Majesty that the voters will disapprove of (in today’s Sunday Times a YouGov poll finds 59% of the public want him to downplay his opposition to the monarchy) but equally another part of me says he will stick to his long standing Republican principles.


That we are discussing such things indicates that since he became leader the political situation has developed not necessarily to Jeremy Corbyn’s advantage.

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