ComRes poll finds Corbyn with near identical ratings as Osborne

ComRes poll finds Corbyn with near identical ratings as Osborne

After the poor first week Corbyn has endured, he and Labour will be delighted with the headline voting intention that sees Labour up 1% and not down though the Tories are up 2% as well (though these are the epitome of margin of error changes) in the ComRes online poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror.

The most interesting finding for me was that Mr Corbyn has near identical ratings to George Osborne, the man the bookies make favourite to be Tory leader at the next election. That said it does appear some of the Tory attack lines have cut through to the public.

Right now I’m cautious about reading too much into any polling given the week Corbyn and Labour have had, a better indicator will be after the conference season. For example look at the high Don’t Know figures for John McDonnell or Tom Watson, over time as he and others become more known to the public that should move VI up or down. The other thing that should cheer up Corbyn fans is that more voters agree than disagree that he is making politics interesting and that he offers a positive difference from other politicians.

ComRes interviewed 2,015 GB adults online on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.



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