Betting on when the new Labour leader will be announced

Betting on when the new Labour leader will be announced

William Hill have a market on will the new Labour leader be announced on the scheduled date of Saturday the 12th of September.

For non-Labour supporters, this leadership election is the gift that keeps on giving which has somehow managed to make the Florida 2000 Presidential election mess look like the epitome of competent electoral practice.

Andy Burnham has been the only one complaining about the infiltration of Tories which is indicative of him not winning, someone who was expecting to win wouldn’t be raising this issue.

Last week we had a cat voting in this election while long time members were barred/purged but based on the evidence so far I’d want a bit more than 8/1. PBers might disagree with that assessment, for me it might be worth backing if the favourite Jeremy Corbyn started making similar noises about the election that Andy Burnham has. The other side of the bet does look tempting, a the 5% return in less than three weeks might be the way to go.

You can access the William Hill market here.


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