The Labour leader at the general election betting

The Labour leader at the general election betting

Lab Leader at the GE

Ladbrokes have a market up on who will be the Labour leader at the next general election. This is an interesting market, because you can see scenarios that whoever wins in September ends up being replaced before the next election.

I know the recent precedent is that that Labour don’t remove poorly performing leaders (in fact only replace three time election winning leaders) but this time it feels different for the next Labour leader. If they perform badly, there’s more chance of them being replaced than Gordon Brown or Ed Miliband. Were Jeremy Corbyn to win there’s already been talk about replacing him before the next election.

Burnham, Cooper or Kendall have been deeply unimpressive and uninspiring in this leadership campaign, so I’d be ruling them out were they to lose in September and Labour did change leader before the election.

So it might be worth backing the next generation of leadership contenders, for whom the 2015 leadership election came too soon for them. Stella Creasy. Sir Keir Starmer and Dan Jarvis at 33/1, 20/1 and 8/1 respectively maybe the way to go.

In a few years time it could be with a poorly performing economy, the Tories tearing themselves over the European Union and having replaced David Cameron with a leader who is electorally unappealing, Labour might realise that taking power in 2020 is a distinct possibility, a decent leader might help with that goal.

You can access the Ladbrokes market by clicking here


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