It’s The Start of The New Football Season

It’s The Start of The New Football Season

Hi All,

It’s Robert (rcs1000) here, and I’m using the Politicalbetting soapbox to promote a venture that OGH and I are involved in: Crowdscores.

The goal of Crowdscores is to crowdsource sports data. So, instead of buying offical data from Opta, we get fans at the game (or watching TV) to tell us what the score is, who scored etc. We’re getting a lot of traction with this model: more than 10,000 people use our app each week, and it is rated more than four out of five.

Crowdsourcing sports data gives us two advantages: Firstly, we are faster than other live score sites, as traditional media feeds contain an artificial delay (typically 90 seconds). Secondly, we can cover games that other cannot – try getting live scores from Billericay Town games any other way. (It’s in the Ryman’s League, in case you’re wondering.)

So, I have a couple of requests for PB’ers. I’d like you to download the Crowdscores app for your smartphone:

Get it on Google Play

If you are at a football match this weekend, then please do crowd score it for us. And if you like it more than other live score apps, then please make sure that you rate it on the App Store or on Google Play.

Finally: if there is any way you think we could improve the app; or if there is any compelling reason you think some other live score app is better, please drop me an email and let me know. We want to produce the best, most unique, football app out there.

Many thanks,

Robert Smithson

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