Greece is the word for the next few days

Greece is the word for the next few days

It will be a case of this referendum dominating events for the eight days at least, and undoubtedly longer, it appears that Alexis Tsipras is trying to give their creditors a Grecian Burn, how will they respond?

The Guardian reported last week that

A recent opinion poll for the news website Newsit showed as many as 74% of Greeks back the euro – with fully 50% saying they would be prepared to accept “major concessions” by the country’s Syriza-led government if it would help break the deadlock with bailout lenders. “We have to stay in,” said Votskaris. “If we leave, things will only get far, far worse.”

I genuinely don’t know how this referendum, regardless of the result, will impact on the economy, or the politics in this country or our own EU referendum, it will all depend on the outcome of this Greek referendum, which is held just three days before George Osborne’s budget.


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