Two new betting markets

Two new betting markets


Following on from Tissue Price’s piece yesterday, Ladbrokes have put a market on most seats without the SNP.

As he said yesterday,  If, when the market goes up, you see a price bigger than this on any of these I’d tentatively suggest that it might be value. Labour 4/7 Green 7/2 Conservatives 6/1

Meanwhile Paddy Power have a market on who will get the second highest number of first preferences in the Labour leadership election. The head says Yvette Cooper, the heart says Jeremy Corbyn, based mostly on the assertion of some close to his campaign who “believe he could win between 10 and 20 per cent of the votes” but they would say that wouldn’t they?

Paddy 2nd 1st prefs


UPDATE – Following Henry G Manson’s recent piece on the Labour  London mayoral contest, Len Duval has made a response, which has been included on the original piece.

Response from Mr Duval

If you read the Evening Standard article it is clear I didn’t give any impression that association with mosques or unions is bad thing as you imply. Labour candidates should be reaching out to all Londoners.

As the article says I was asked a question by the journalist and said only that everyone should stick to rules and that it would be damaging if candidates didn’t enter into the selection in spirit it was set up – to encourage as many individual Londoners as possible, from all backgrounds, to participate and have their say.

It seems you are looking for a row where there is none and that your real problem is that I am backing Tessa.

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