Latest on the Labour leadership race

Latest on the Labour leadership race

We may soon see crossover between Burnham & Cooper

Implied percentages from the Betfair odds for winning the Labour leadership just now are 39.37% for Burnham and 36.23% for Cooper.

This may just be political gravity bringing the odds back down to a more realistic level, as many people thought Yvette Cooper longish odds were wrong. As Mike noted this morning, the Tories have been able to hang Stafford around Burnham’s neck & his response poor & ill-thought out.

Whereas Yvette Cooper has no such weakness, and if the Tories try and attack her over her past health problems or the fact she’s the wife of Ed Balls, the Tories will probably be damaged by the attacks, as they will come off as potentially unfair, misogynistic and plain nasty.

I also think this is a reflection from Wednesday’s debate, where Burnham was the recipient of the zinger of the night and Yvette Cooper gave a solid, safe, gaffe free performance.


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