Is this the Old Etonian you should be backing as next Tory leader?

Is this the Old Etonian you should be backing as next Tory leader?

Can Zac do what Boris has done and become the favourite to be the next Tory leader?

One of the main challenges for the Tory Party at the next election is holding on to all those voters dubbed the Blue Liberals in the marginals and the previously Lib Dem held seats which are now Tory seats. Without David Cameron, that challenge becomes harder, but who best to appeal to those voters?

Zac Goldsmith could, he’s well known for his environmental policies, which could appeal to these voters, the Tories could resurrect their old slogan of Vote Blue, Go Green with Zac as leader. In his constituency, he has turned a Lib Dem majority in 2005 of over 4,000 in to a Tory majority of over 23,000 last month, so he knows how to appeal these type of voters.

Being the son of Sir James Goldsmith, he could appeal to the Eurosceptic/UKIP voterrs, particularly after a bruising EU referendum campaign for the Tory Party. He could also appeal to those None of the Above Voters, by highlighting his work trying to get his recall bill to become law.

As both David Cameron and Boris Johnson have shown, being an Old Etonian is no hindrance with the electorate, at the time of writing, the best odds on Zac Goldsmith being the next Tory Leader was 66/1 with Ladbrokes, were he to become the Mayor of London next year, those odds would tumble.


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