The LAB leadership contest: the betting has it down to five

The LAB leadership contest: the betting has it down to five

I don’t know about others but I’ve been betting on the next LAB leader for almost five years. There was a time when EdM’s fortunes looked very grim indeed and the story then was that Mr&Mrs Balls were planning a coup that would see Yvette take on the flag carrying role.

Then we had the 2012 budget and LAB’s ratings soared into the 40s.

I got on Tristram Hunt at the time of his promotion to shadow Ed Sec at what look now to be long odds.

I’ve never been convinced of Burnham but there was a rumour early last year that Ed might be toppled and he would be the replacement and I do OK if he wins

Chuka Umunna had been on my list for a long time and the only one I wasn’t covered on Liz Kendall – a position that has now been rectified though at much tighter prices than many on PB. My best is 14/1.

My theory of leadership battles is that the winner is likely to be the one with the specifics characteristics which the outgoing one lacked. On that measure Kendall stands out though I do wonder if she’ll have trouble at the nomination stage

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Mike Smithson

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