Given Dave’s more popular than CON his announcement should theoretically help LAB

Given Dave’s more popular than CON his announcement should theoretically help LAB


This from last week’s Ipsos-MORI poll

What’ll Dave going at some point do to Lynton’s campaign plan?

The latest Ipsos-MORI like leader like party ratings illustrate what is very common when it comes to public views of Cameron and his party: Invariably unlike the other party leaders he is a net asset securing better numbers than the Conservative party.

In fact it is often quipped that what voters want is a LAB government led by David Cameron.

So yesterday’s comments in the BBC interview look set to be the first big surprise of the campaign. The question is whether this will play against the Conservatives or not? Will those ready to vote for the blue team because of their view of Dave be more reluctant to do so? Or could it have the opposite effect because him going brings the prospect of a Boris-led party that much closer. The London Mayor, of course, has better ratings than any of them.

The Tories have long seen the negative views of Ed Miliband compared with Cameron as a big plus and something they believe will give them the winning proposition when people cast their votes.

It is no secret that this is a central plank of the Lynton Crosby campaign. The fact that Dave’s now said he’s going might just take the edge off.

    You only have to look at the mass of Dave-centred glossy literature being pushed through letter boxes in the key marginals at the moment to realise how important Cameron is to the campaign.

This is all hard to determine but no doubt it will play a key part in the first of the big leaders’ set pieces – the grilling by Paxman on Thursday night.

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