UKIP moves to its highest ever level with Populus

UKIP moves to its highest ever level with Populus

farage and carswell

The move follows yesterday’s 4 point jump with Ipsos

It is always said that one of the best signs of a polling trend is when several pollsters report the same direction of movement if not the scale. If that is the case then UKIP must be absolutely delighted with the three polls that have been published in the past 24 hours.

The move with Populus is to the highest level ever recorded by the pollster.

Quite what is driving this is hard to see. Most of the Populus fieldwork took place before the latest Farage story on workplace race-legislation though he has been getting more of the spot-light.

The next polling is likely to be tomorrow evening and on Monday we should see the March ICM phone poll for the Guardian. Last month this had the Tories 4% ahead.

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