February 2015 Issues Index

February 2015 Issues Index

The NHS remains the most important issue facing Britain despite falling 4% in the last month.

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Ipsos Mori note

Those who are more likely to mention the NHS include those aged 55+ (51%), ABC1s (45%) and those in the South East outside of London (56%) compared with Londoners (34%), C2DEs (36%) and those aged 18-34 (24%).

Could Ed Miliband’s plan to make the NHS central to the General Election have an effect, as the older age groups see the NHS as the most important issue, and generally they vote Tory, so any concerns about the Tories and the NHS could affect a key component of Tory support.

How the different age and social groups see the most important issue facing Britain

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For those who think the election will all be about the economy, as the most important issue it appears to be on a downward trend.

Issues 2

The full data tables are available here.


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