LAB jump 5 with Ipsos-MORI to re-take lead

LAB jump 5 with Ipsos-MORI to re-take lead

Last month TSE suggested Ipsos-Mori and ICM phone polls were outliers, in this instance what we’re seeing is a return what the polls have been generally telling us for a few months now, it is virtually neck and neck between The Tories and Labour.

It could soon be we are in a 3 way fight for who will be third with Ipsos-Mori. Given the Green surge in membership that has been reported, they are only less than a 2% swing from being in third place with next month’s Ipsos-Mori.

What will cheer up the Tories is this (and probably explains Dave’s reluctance to debate with Ed, as he nothing to gain and everything to lose in relation to Ed as he currently has a 24% lead over Ed)

Net satisfaction (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied) in David Cameron’s performance as Prime Minister is at its highest level since March 2012 at -11, with 41% satisfied and 52% dissatisfied. This rise in approval also extends to the government; a third (33%) are satisfied with its performance, while 56% are dissatisfied, giving a net satisfaction rating of -23 (up from -31 in December).

Nigel Farage’s net satisfaction rating has also recovered somewhat since last month’s lowest ever score of -20; this month’s figure is -13. Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg continue to lag behind Messrs Farage and Cameron in the ratings: 26% are satisfied and 61% are dissatisfied with Mr Miliband, giving a net rating of     -35 (although up from -38 last month), while 25% are satisfied and 64% are dissatisfied with Mr Clegg, giving a net satisfaction rating of -39 (roughly the same as last month’s -40).

What will also cheer up the Blues will be that Dave is ahead of Nigel Farage in the leader ratings, it would appear whilst Farage has recovered slightly, the events in Basildon and the shenanigans over breastfeeding might have damaged the UKIP leader as some of us predicted.



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