LDs up 3 to 12 – the big mover in this month’s ComRes phone poll for the Independent

LDs up 3 to 12 – the big mover in this month’s ComRes phone poll for the Independent

CON/LAB/LD all up – UKIP/GREEN down

The LDs will be delighted with this poll even though they are only half the level that they got at GE2010 – but this is a bit of progress. UKIP and the Greens are down while LAB and move up.

It should emphasised that the long-standing ComRes series of phone polls for the Independent is completely separate from the monthly online surveys from the Indy on Sunday.

Tonight’s poll also found that those sampled rejected Osborne’s plan to cut public spending faster in order to run a budget surplus by a margin of 2-1. Some 30% of people agree that government spending should be reduced until the deficit is cleared and the budget in surplus, even if this means severe cuts to public services, but 66%t disagreed.

By a margin more than two to one, people do not trust either David Cameron or Ed Miliband to cut public spending without harming services like the NHS, as both promise to do. The two leaders have identical scores: 28% say they trust them to achieve this, while 67% do not.

And from Survation a non-surprise from Dave’s Witney

My only comment on this is what a wasted opportunity. What we want is data on marginals and Scotland where there has been an absence of constituency polling.

UNITE want to draw attention to their TIPP campaign which is why they’ve funded this. But why not go for seats that would be newsworthy?


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