Comres online poll sees the Blues up by 3 points

Comres online poll sees the Blues up by 3 points

This month’s ComRes online poll for the Independent on Sunday and Sunday Mirror sees Labour’s lead reduced from 4% to 1%.

It fits in with what we’ve seen in recent weeks and months with other pollsters, with there being very little between Tories and Labour, the Lib Dems will be delighted to see daylight between themselves and the Greens.

Onto the supplementaries,

Voters see the Conservatives as more right wing than the UK Independence Party. The poll asked people to locate themselves and political parties and leaders on a spectrum ranging from 0, very left wing, to 10, very right wing, with 5 in the centre.

UKIP’s average score was 6.6, as was Nigel Farage’s, while the Conservative Party was 6.9 and David Cameron was 6.8. The average voter places him or herself just to the right of centre, at 5.3. Nick Clegg is on 5.1, the Liberal Democrats are at 4.9, and Labour and Ed Miliband are on 4.1.

The findings suggest that Labour attempts to portray UKIP as “more Thatcherite than Thatcher” have not worked, and may help to explain why UKIP is attractive to some disaffected Labour voters.


Meanwhile on the question of If you had to, which of these political figures would you most like to….


The fieldwork details, 2,014 GB adults took part online between Wednesday and Friday of this week.


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