Clegg’s big day

Clegg’s big day

So what will be the big surprise(s) from Clegg’s speech.

I expect the issue that damaged the Lib Dems from the start, tuition fees will get an airing, as that probably helped defined the Lib Dems in government, but as he apologised in the past with no benefit, it might be a mistake to bring it up again as it might remind a certain segment of the electorate why they no longer vote Lib Dem.

As David Cameron showed last week, a conference speech can lead to a poll boost for your party, so I’m expecting a few rabbits out of the hat from Team Clegg.

With David Cameron’s unfunded tax cuts promise last week, I’m also expecting Nick Clegg to use theme that the neither the Tories or Labour can be trusted to run the country on their own, particularly as the likes of Danny Alexander have said they are p***ed off with the Tories taking the credit on the economy. 

If the Lib Dems don’t get a boost from this for the next few days, then you get the feeling they will be in the polling doldrums until the general election campaign begins.

The fact that Nick Clegg is 1/16 to be remain the Lib Dem leader at the next general election given i) his personal ratings ii) the party’s ratings, tells you that the Lib Dems are backing their man, the question is will the country?


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