The polling says UKIP are the most extreme and the least fit to govern party

The polling says UKIP are the most extreme and the least fit to govern party

From the Ipsos-Mori that featured this morning, Ipsos-Mori asked the following

“I am going to read out some things both favourable and unfavourable that have been said about various political parties. Which of these, if any, do you think apply to…”

The two findings that stood out were UKIP were comfortably viewed as the most extreme, and the least fit to govern in answer to that question.


My own thinking is these are the kind of findings that will increase tactical voting against UKIP in next year’s General Election, add in the fact UKIP are the most net disliked party, then you’ve got a potent mix for their opponents to exploit.

In politics, sometimes perceptions matter more than the facts, and I think in this instance this damages UKIP, it could well be a by-product of David Cameron’s (in)famous characterisation of UKIP being “a bunch of … fruit cakes and loonies and closet racists mostly”.

I know, people will point out that UKIP won the Euros earlier on this year. There will also be a risk of reading too much into UKIP’s expected victory in the Clacton by-election, where the UKIP candidate is the widely liked incumbent (and former Tory MP)

However, a nationwide election conducted under PR, is very different to a General Election, which is 650 elections conducted under FPTP. In the Newark by-election, there were reports that the Tories appealed to tactical anti-UKIP voter and they received such votes from these voters, which could well be a harbinger for 2015.


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