Survation finds that the Tories would be 3% closer without Scotland

Survation finds that the Tories would be 3% closer without Scotland

The shape of polling to come post referendum?

Interesting new Survation poll published overnight by Survation with new Westminster numbers showing for the first time two sets of numbers – both with Scotland and without.

The outcome is not surprising but it is good to measure it. Given that generally Survation tends to show higher UKIP figures than most other firms and lower CON ones then the one percent CON deficit should be encouraging.

    But inevitably the whole political environment will look totally different if Scotland does vote for separation on Thursday. Would Cameron still be there for instance?

It was the PM, of course, who was opposed to including a “devomax option” on the ballot making the Scottish people decide between separation from the rest of the UK or not.

Other findings from the poll:-

  • 61% say the UK should not agree to a currency union with an independent Scotland compared to 21% who say they should.
  • 59% say Trident nuclear weapons should be removed from an independent Scotland compared to only 21% who say they should be shared
  • 48% say there should be a guarded border between England and Scotland if Scotland joins the Schengen area.
  • 77% say the UK should give no financial help to an independent Scotland compared to just 12% who say it should
  • 56% do not think the 2015 general election should be delayed if Scotland becomes independent compared to 31%.
  • The campaign for separation hasn’t had a huge impact on cultural relations between Scotland and the UK. Just 11% say they are less likely to support Andy Murray, 12% less likely to celebrate Hogmanay and 10% less likely to drink Scottish whisky.

    Mike Smithson

    2004-2014: The view from OUTSIDE the Westminster bubble

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