Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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Why not relax, and converse into the night on the day’s events in PB NightHawks.

If you’re a lurker, why not delurk tonight.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. How Harry Potter has influenced the political values of the Millennial generation. Reading the books correlated with higher political tolerance, less predisposition to authoritarianism, greater support for equality, and greater opposition to the use of violence and torture.
  2. Boris Johnson wants Westminster return so he can become Tory leader, say voters
  3. Swivel-eyed loons unite. Boris fails the character test for social conservatives
  4. Britain abandons foreign policy. And abandons debates about foreign policy too
  5. Are migrants good for the UK economy?
  6. Not so relaxed about the filthy rich
  7. Inflation down, Osborne up
  8. Kippers’ squeals show we are a more liberal country
  9. Unite leverage squads turn attention to private sector providers in the NHS
  10. John Swinney admits no Bank of England talks over currency union. The Scottish Finance Minister performs an about-turn after the Bank issues a press release denying his claims talks on sharing the pound have taken place. 
  11. John Birt: Scottish independence would have a devastating impact on the BBC
  12. Prison lights-out policy could worsen mental health crisis, campaigners say. Plans by Chris Grayling to turn out lights and televisions in cells at 10.30pm are claimed to be dangerous to young offenders
  13. Labour and transport campaigners step up rail fares fight as prices rise again. Average increase expected to be 3-4%, meaning average ticket price has gone up 25% under coalition government
  14. The Caliphate Delusion: the political construct that bears no relevance in the modern world
  15. Egypt Urges U.S. Restraint Over Missouri Unrest
  16. We can terraform Mars for the same cost as mitigating climate change. Which would you rather? 
  17. Do not tweet when naked, drunk or eating, police warned
  18. For the love of God, someone buy David Cameron a new shirt
  19. Elton John distances himself from UKIP after Nigel Farage claims he ‘got on well’ with singer
  20. Tomorrow is the 1,097th anniversary of The Battle of Acheloos
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