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PB Nighthawks is open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Boris Johnson lays down the gauntlet to David Cameron
  2. For now Cameron will reap the rewards of Boris Johnson’s return. The Tories’ star player can defend the party’s leader against Nigel Farage and will hope to broaden its appeal beyond its southern niche
  3. Boris’s message is more popular than you think. The left must be ready for it
  4. Boris has the moral code of a priapic magpie and the same sense of public service as Lindsay Lohan.
  5. Boris Johnson will stand for Parliament – and Ukip ‘exits right, pursued by a Boris’ 
  6. Ukip need not fear Boris Johnson
  7. Boris Johnson denied at least 17 times that he would return to parliament in 2015
  8. Tessa Jowell drops big hint that she’s running for London Mayor
  9. To watch the UK’s political elite debate,head to Twitter, not Westminster, Twitter, once the preserve of teens and techies, is now the medium of choice for the political establishment too.
  10. The bitter truth: the Tories have done more for Muslims than Labour
  11. Sexist Tory playground bullies have a field day
  12. Hugo Swire, Tory Foreign Office Minister, ‘Considered Quitting Over Gaza’
  13. Personalities, Promises and Policies
  14. Alex Salmond took a beating last night. And his supporters know it.
  15. Scottish independence campaigners try to soften TV debate blow. Scottish independence activists promise huge grassroots campaign
  16. Scottish independence debate was a battle Alex Salmond needed to win. First minister did better than Darling at targeting the undecided but post-debate poll showed no change in intended ‘yes’ votes
  17. The image of the British Tommy is an iconic one, but doesn’t tell the full story. Black, Indian, Chinese, gay, mixed race – all fought for a country at a time when it treated them as second-class citizens
  18. 40,000 Iraqis stranded on mountain as Isis jihadists threaten death
  19. It’s big, clever and funny, Runner uses Nike+ app to draw penises, San Francisco-based runner uses GPS to ‘draw run’ pictures of penises, dogs and Space Invaders aliens on Nike+ map
  20. Welsh rugby dispute threatens to wreck Warren Gatland’s World Cup plans
  21. THE MASTER’S ALIVE Brian Blessed admits to turning down playing The Doctor.
  22. 69 years ago today, an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. 
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