PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. David Cameron’s prospects for victory in 2015 can’t be guaranteed. Conservatives are beginning to worry that they are failing to benefit from Britain’s economic recovery
  2. About that Miliband wreath…
  3. Labour MPs reluctant to advertise Ed Miliband online. Just one in five Labour MPs has a picture of Ed Miliband on their website, amid claims they are “reluctant” to be associated with him
  4. Is David Cameron still afraid of Brexit?
  5. Tracking the great divide: Why Cameron and Miliband aren’t taking the centre. New YouGov research shows both party leaders remaining firmly within their comfort zone rather than reaching for the swing vote
  6. Almost two in three Tory members believe Cameron was wrong to move Gove
  7. Doubts cast over David Cameron completing full term if re-elected
  8. Nick Clegg to call for tighter controls on immigration from new EU states. Lib Dem leader’s intervention means all the major parties will be competing to prove they would reduce immigration from EU
  9. Politicians will never please the public on immigration, so they should stop trying. On immigration, we demand that our politicians serve us a dish of fried snowballs and then feign disappointment when they fail to deliver it.
  10. Alex Salmond must leave Alistair Darling ‘on the floor’ in independence TV debate. The First Minister needs to leave Alistair Darling ‘lying on the floor’ if he wants to win the independence referendum, it is claimed.
  11. Presenting one of the best newspaper corrections of recent times
  12. Norman Baker – I want to see the end of all animal testing
  13. East coast mainline pays taxpayers £1bn sparking fresh reprivatisation fury. Franchise returned record £235m in final year as a state company but Department for Transport says decision is final
  14. Ebola has infected public discourse with a new xenophobia
  15. 1914: the Great War has become a nightly pornography of violence. The centenary has been seized as a military propaganda opportunity. So-called lessons learned have been ignored or forgotten
  16. One hundred years ago today  The United Kingdom declared war on Germany, following on from the German invasion of Belgium.
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