Ladbrokes report “surge of money on UKIP” in Newark and no CON bets

Ladbrokes report “surge of money on UKIP” in Newark and no CON bets

Newark UKIP backers defy the polls

Local punters are queueing up to back UKIP at 6/1 to surprise the pollsters to win Thursday’s Newark by-election, according to Ladbrokes.

    The bookies reported that they had failed to take a single bet on the Tories in the town’s betting shops on Tuesday.

Despite that, the Tories remain odds-on favourites to retain the seat in what has become a clear two-horse race.

There was also a lot of local interest in the 25/1 quoted for The Bus Pass Elvis Party to finish ahead of the Liberal Democrats. One Labour MP, who must remain nameless, popped into the Market Square bookies to have £10 on what would be a humiliating outcome for Nick Clegg.

Shadsy, head of politics at Ladbrokes, was in Newark on Tuesday and reported: ” Based on the number of punters in our local shops and activists around town, UKIP would be heading for a landslide on Thursday. However, we are sticking with the polls which predict a reasonably comfortable Tory win.”

He’s right. It’s hard to argue with the Ashcroft poll even though his CON leader was inflated by 4% by the allocation of don’t knows to party voted for at GE10.

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