Ipsos Mori April Political Monitor is out

Ipsos Mori April Political Monitor is out

UKIP gets a surge from the debates whilst the the Lib Dems take a 4 point hit.

Labour will be delighted that the budget bounce other pollsters have shown hasn’t happened here as their share of the vote is up 2 and their lead has doubled from 3 to 6.

Nick Clegg and ultimately David Cameron must regret having the debates as UKIP appear to have used the debates to time a surge in the polls for next month’s Local & European elections perfectly.

There’s also a boost for George Osborne whose approval is the best for a Tory Chancellor since  Nigel Lawson in 1987, which was followed by a Tory landslide a few months later.

Dave will be delighted that whilst the polling was conducted when Maria Miller was in the news the Tory drop was only 1 point and his lead over Ed in the leader ratings has widened.

The fieldwork was Sat to Mon.


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