PB Nighthawks is now open

PB Nighthawks is now open

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If you’re looking for a round up of recent political news, then I’m Your Man, if you’re a lurker, why not delurk? Lurking means your on the Edge of Heaven that is posting on PB.

The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. End of the Boris Bounce? New YouGov research for Prospect suggests that Boris Johnson leading the Tory party would do little to improve its electability
  2. The five fault lines that divide Ed Miliband’s Labour party.
  3. Nigel Farage: I am proud to have taken a third of the BNPs support
  4. French Socialists humiliated in local elections. Good news for Ukip, bad news for Labour.
  5. One in five Tory Party members want Scotland to leave the United Kingdom
  6. Scotland is already another country. Westminster’s parade of day-trippers fail to grasp that devolution is not a destination but a process
  7. Why transformational politics is meaningless
  8. Unless Labour addresses burgeoning inequality, it will not reclaim the voters it’s losing to UKIP. Hardly any attempts have been made by the party to reconnect with ‘blue-collar’ voters
  9. Ed Miliband poised to pledge £3,000 reduction in university fees
  10. George Osborne makes commitment ‘to fight for full employment’ in Britain. Chancellor repudiates 1991 declaration by Norman Lamont that unemployment was a price worth paying to bring down inflation
  11. Nigel Farage: Vladimir Putin is the world leader I most admire
  12. Vladimir Putin is an oppressor, an enemy of democracy. And Nigel Farage thinks he’s ‘brilliant’
  13. Farage’s admiration for Putin shouldn’t be dismissed as the musings of a clown. Both leaders trade on the politics of resentment – and Britain’s model of capitalism generates the inequality that creates it
  14. Britain should ‘get used’ to more flooding and storms. British academic, speaking at launch of IPCC climate change report, warns that UK should brace itself for an increase in ‘climate change refugees’ 
  15. The state is the worst wicked stepmother of all
  16. Stop scapegoating SPADS – they strengthen our democracy, By supporting the elected Government’s mandate, special advisers are serving the voters, writes a former SPAD.
  17. ‘Other Labour MPs shun me because I DON’T have a regional accent’, says one of Miliband’s rising stars

  18. Hull Council ‘printing its own money’ by paying digital cash for voluntary work. Hull City Council is “printing its own money” by creating a Bitcoin-like digital currency called HullCoin which it will use to pay people for carrying out voluntary work, tax-free and without loss of benefits 
  19. A woman has sued her lawyers on the grounds that they failed to advise her that getting divorced would mean ending her marriage
  20. Tomorrow is the 696th anniversary of the capture of Berwick-upon-Tweed by the Scots from the English.
  21. Michael Gove performs the ‘Wham Rap!’
  22. The most stunning piece of Rugby you will see ever happened at the Sevens this weekend.
  23. To coincide with the release of the latest Muppets movies, check out these hysterical Muppet bloopers.


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