Nighthawks is now open

Nighthawks is now open

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The round up of recent events (click on the links below, and it will bring up the relevant link)

  1. Sorry Len, Labour shouldn’t rule out a coalition with the Lib Dems
  2. Miliband rhetoric worries Labour’s business backers
  3. Britain’s main opposition party, Labour, is allegedly looking to offer voters a referendum, on whether the UK should stay part of the European Union, should it win the general election in 2015.
  4. Britain should keep open possibility of joining euro, says Labour frontbencher
  5. The UK’s latest “opt-out” in Europe? Foodbanks…
  6. Tory group Renewal sharpens the case against a Conservative-UKIP pact
  7. Billionaire Tory donor pulls plug on Cameron over equal marriage
  8. The government’s private assessment of Labour’s energy price freeze
  9. Peter Mandelson’s backing for Ed Balls is all for the aid of the party. The oleaginous peer is a Labour partisan who wants it to win, even if it requires burying the hatchet with an enemy
  10. David Cameron cannot admit the Coalition was a mistake, but he knows it must be put out of its misery 
  11. David Cameron’s Only Hope in 2015 Is to Destroy Nick Clegg
  12. Nick Clegg condemns talk of minority government as preposterous, Lib Dem leader condemns Labour and Tory ‘tribal’ talk of ruling without a coalition as destabilising and bad for UK
  13. A threat by Northern Ireland First Minister Peter Robinson to resign over the collapse of the murder case against republican John Downey has brought warnings from his party that politics in Belfast is in crisis.
  14. Peter Hain: Allowing John Downey to walk free was part of our Northern Ireland peace deal. Putting a lid on atrocities such as the Hyde Park bombing of 1982 is never easy. But I make no apologies for how we dealt with ‘on-the-runs’
  15. Prince Charles is a ‘natural’ Conservative environmentalist, Michael Gove suggests
  16. PMQs: Ed Miliband wants belief in climate change to be an article of faith
  17. Alex Salmond: Why should Scotland let itself be ruled by the Tories?
  18. Russia puts military on high alert as Crimea protests leave one man dead. Ukraine acting president draws up new cabinet as Putin orders armed forces drills near border
  19. Angela Merkel has Britain’s future in her hands
  20. The America-Israel lobby must fully back Kerry’s Israel-Palestine initiative
  21. Joe Biden: Hillary Clinton’s decision won’t sway my 2016 plans
  22. Angela Merkel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and the rather awkward case of the shadow moustache
  23. After watching this video, no one will support nuclear weapons if this is the effects of them.
  24. How living on one of Britain’s rudest-sounding streets could save home buyers up to £84,000
  25. Tomorrow is the 114th anniversary of the forming of the Labour Party.


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